The Kamikaze
  • Fast
  • Explodes near the target
  • Can cause a lot of harm
The Hornet
  • Remember to keep your head up...
  • And your eyes on the ground
  • You have been warned!
The Catcher
  • You wanna go sky high?
  • Well, that's what you'll get
  • Watch out for vertigo!
The Hitter
  • He ain't pretty
  • He's awful
  • He's going to suffer
The Jumper
  • Jumps to move
  • Jumps to attack
  • Unpredictable
The Spitter
  • Clings to ceilings
  • Watch out for spittle
  • Causes itching
The Tank
  • It's big and slow
  • Hard to kill
  • Hold on fast!